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Cloud Management

Worried about what happens after you go LIVE?

As enterprises move their IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, there is a growing need for ways to manage and enhance these cloud applications over time. Cloud applications and platforms require more agile on-going management and support processes than traditional applications.Because there is no hardware or infrastructure software to manage, there is significantly less overall effort involved in maintaining cloud applications. However, flexibility and innovation are among the primary benefits of cloud applications, so an organization that simply “maintains” cloud applications is only realizing a fraction of the potential benefits.To benefit most from cloud applications, an organization should take advantage of the rich, iterative capabilities of cloud platforms to support evolving business requirements. The question is how to do this without having specialized staff to administer, support, maintain and enhance these solutions. 

Kashyak Management Services

Kashyak offers all management solutions to help enterprise maintain, enhance and monitor cloud applications. We offer management for all, Google App Engine and Google Apps.Specialized skills: Implement new enhancements,Defect fix, Testing, Training and Customer Support.New processes: Agile application development and Quality Control.