Cloud Migration

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Project Description

Migrate to Cloud — Quickly customize, integrate and roll-out Cloud Apps

Why Cloud Migration?

Over the years the technology has been changing, but all applications do the same 4 operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete information (CRUD). Enterprises are becoming smarter by building and maintaining high quality applications with low cost, by Cloud Adoption and building highly scalable and secure applications.Enterprises pay as required for these services instead of buying software (Operating System, Application server and Database), servers (Application, Database and disaster recovery) and managing and upgrading them.

Want to implement Salesforce, Google or any Cloud based Apps?

    SaaS applications such as Salesforce CRM, Google Apps are the cloud based Apps which provide enterprises with a path to quantifiable cost savings while increasing agility and scalability. and Google App Engine are the PaaS, which provide the platform to build your own applications on the cloud. However, SaaS and PaaS are new models for consuming and delivering software and therefore Kashyak provides the solutions for all your cloud migration.

Kashyak Cloud Migration Services

Kashyak Cloud Migration ServicesKashyak provides a range of services to ensure that enterprises realize the full ROI of SaaS applications such as Salesforce CRM, Google Apps.If you are new to cloud computing, provides a free trial for 30 days. Kashyak helps in setting up your organization initial rollout for free. What are you waiting for when everything is free?Enroll for the free cloud rollout. A Kashyak representative will contact you in setting up the free licenses and initial cloud rollout.