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Project Description


Find out how much money you can save if you migrate your current applications to Open Source/Cloud based applications

You have established your organization long back but you need to keep on updating the hardware and software and spending lot of money to implement new enhancements on your applications? Then this is the time to step back and see if any new platforms/applications will reduce the costs as well as increase the agility and scalability.SaaS applications such as Salesforce CRM,, Google Apps, and Google App Engine provide enterprises with a path to quantifiable cost savings while increasing agility and scalability, in addition to providing a superior user experience.

Kashyak Consultation Services

Kashyak consultation services ensure that you are using the right infrastructure, right technology and right applications for the right cost. Our technical team will diagnose your entire enterprise’s applications and suggest you the best reliable technology / applications, which fits and exceeds organization goals for a far lesser cost.Specialized skills: Reducing integration expenses, building single application for all business processes and Training.New processes: Agile application development and quality control.

Kashyak offers free consultation for a limited time.

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