Registration (Teacher/Attendee)

//Registration (Teacher/Attendee)
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Registering for an Event (Teacher/Attendee)

This module covers the complete registration process for an event.

    • There are Three Interfaces for displaying list of Events
    • Events are displayed in List View to see events in tabular form


    • Events are displayed in Detail View


    • Events are displayed in Calendar View


    • Click on the desired event in any one of the interface to register an event.
    • On clicking the event the event details will be displayed in a detail page


    • Click on the Register button to proceed with the registration
    • After clicking on register button it will takes to the following interface


    • After entering all the details you can see the Register/Checkout Button
    • This will take to the payment processing page to capture the credit card information
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    • Once the Payment is success it will takes to conformation page
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